Our neon card integrated Apple Pay

Our customers with neon debit card can now pay with just their smartphone. After we rolled out Google Pay for Android last year, the neon card can now be added to Apple Wallet as well, allowing users to make contactless payments by their iOS devices. 

To take advantage of the new functionality, our customers only need to install the Apple Wallet app on their phone and add their neon card to the digital wallet. 

In this way, we are implementing perhaps the most anticipated functionality by our customers, prioritizing it over other new features constantly prepared by the neon and our bank app team. 

We always listen to our customers and strive to meet their expectations as soon as possible. Adding the opportunity to pay with neon by a digital wallet was the most requested functionality by neon owners. We are happy now to provide it for all our customers, but this is just the beginning – we never stop working on innovations and new features to make shopping with neon and managing personal finances with tbi bank app even more convenient and exciting.
Petr Baron
CEO of tbi fs, Founder-In-Residence

Exactly one year ago, neon and our app were launched on the Bulgarian market, challenging the local banking sector with their model of free daily banking with no account opening and maintenance fees and unlimited free instant transfers in BGN and EUR, options to split payments or to get financing from the bank with no costs, as well as best interest rate on the current account and on deposits. In 2023, we have been continuously introducing many new features to further improve the daily life of our customers, and 2024 comes also with a promise for a number of innovations. 

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