Hey, we are tbi

We are a team of like-minded professionals, driven by the goal to build the leading challenger bank in Southeastern Europe. As a diverse team of 19 nationalities and expertise from all around the globe, we are up for any challenge, so that we can make our customers’ lives easier. We embrace constant learning and put clients at the heart of everything we do. This is what differentiates us from other players and places tbi as one the most efficient and profitable banks in SEE. What unites us? Our values - brave, passionate, and caring.

What we bring to the table

Our core

At our core lies the mix of two businesses: consumer and merchant ecosystems. Or simply - a world where shopping and financing go hand in hand, keeping things breezy for everyone.

For businesses

We help businesses grow by offering them more: a full system for buying and paying, teamwork on marketing, and tools to understand data. These offerings empower our merchants to sell more, leading to over 26,000 partner stores across core markets.

For customers

We deliver to our customers smooth ways to manage their finances and get their desired products and services using our phygital distribution model.

Where you can find us

In short - in your phone, but not only. Our core markets are Bulgaria, Romania and Greece as we also have activities in Germany and Lithuania, serving a customer base of over 2.2 million individuals across these regions.

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What the buzz is all about


By providing faster and more accurate lending solutions, tbi can provide customers with the best experience while reducing risk. The bank has achieved significant market differentiation by offering the speed and convenience consumers require while more easily tailoring lending products and terms to meet the specific needs of customers.


– Provenir

August 2023
Provenir customer tbi bank named 2023 Constellation Research SuperNova Awards finalist


tbi bank is the leader in payments in instalments in the three largest chains for white and black appliances in Bulgaria.








– Investor.bg

March 2019
tbi bank is the leader in consumer lending in Bulgaria in 2018


Founded in Bulgaria, tbi is one of those so-called challenger banks that rely on financial technology and flexible conditions, trying to break the business model of the big ones through innovation.






– BoulevardBulgaria.bg

July 2023
To be a challenger bank on the Bulgarian market: tbi for the free neon card and shopping limit service


tbi bank is the first bank in Southeast Europe to implement SEPA Instant in the territory of the European Economic Area. SEPA Instant will complement the bank’s award-winning Payment Hub







– MoneyBuzzEurope.ro

January 2020
tbi bank becomes the first bank in SE Europe to launch SEPA Instant


Instant payments in Bulgaria are already available in the banking sector, starting with the leader in instant payments – tbi bank. This service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.






– American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

December 2021
tbi bank is the first to carry out instant payment in BGN


tbi bank has developed unique know-how in the field of phygital all-inclusive lending, as well as in-store and online point-of-purchase financing for the benefit of both – merchant partners and end-customers.






– Finextra.com

December 2021
BNPL-focused tbi bank enters Greek market


tbi bank launched its card, which is fee-free, offers instant transfers, interest on account balances and pay-as-you-go purchases — all services typical of fintech companies.







– Capital.bg

February 2023
tbi bank has launched its fee-free mobile application and it is provoking strong interest


tbi bank has grown to be one of the local institutions that are open to innovation and is focused on becoming one of the next-generation digital banks in the region.







– TheRecursive.com

March 2021
tbi bank expands digitally throughout Europe


Some believe that tbi bank is the most innovative Bulgarian bank, which really changes its processes so that they are truly oriented to the needs and desires of the client. It is as if only this bank understands the meaning of Bill Gate’s words – “We need banking, not banks”





– Banker.bg

April 2021
Banking is ahead of banks in importance


Brands such as tbi bank have found new ways of engaging with consumers by tapping into an under-developed PoS market. Their business model focuses on attracting customers with PoS finance using a digitally enabled approval process. An added benefit for the customers is the automatic access to a deposit account with highly attractive interest rates.


– Peter Ward, LinkedIn

October, 2023
Digital Challenger Banks in South-East Europe – The Next Innovation Frontier?


There are almost no changes in the ranking, and the main thing to note is the entry of tbi bank into the top 10 after an aggressive 39% growth in assets to BGN 2.9 billion, with which it displaces the state-owned BBR.






– Capital.bg

January, 2024
The banks’ profit for 2023 exceeded BGN 3.4 billion