Kasichka is now yielding 1%

We are on our path to creating the best savings account in Bulgaria

To meet the needs of our customers with different savings preferences and habits, we now offer market-leading interest on our flexible savings account Kasichka available in the banking app. Customers now earn a fixed 1% annual interest rate on their money set aside in the Kasichka, while maintaining full access to their savings anytime. We also continue to offer among the best interest rates on deposits in the Bulgarian market (up to 3.2%).

Kasichka offers more flexibility to savers than traditional term deposits since the interest rate is due both in case of topping up and withdrawing.

Customers can create up to five Kasichka for different savings purposes, name them accordingly, and even set goal amount and completion date – from buying a new car, through the purchase of electronics or a holiday, to smaller expenses such as a concert ticket for a favorite band or a gift for a loved one, or just set aside money for “rainy days”. Each of these Kasichka will earn a fixed yield of 1% for both BGN and EUR, for amounts up to BGN 50k or EUR 25k each.

Customers can “break” their Kasichka at any time, with just one tap in the app the money saved is instantly sent back to the neon card account.

Following our promise to be the best place for the savings of Bulgarians, we are constantly listening to our customers. Some of them wanted to be rewarded for their savings in the bank while maintaining access to their money at any time. Now, not only our term deposits, but also our savings account Kasichka provides customers with some of the best value for their savings. In addition, Kasichka helps clients to create savings habits by setting aside money from their current account and thus even limiting the risk of impulsive purchases. Kasichka’s interest rate is an excellent addition to our free daily banking package within tbi bank app, which one can start using in less than 5 minutes.
Lukas Tursa
Executive Director, tbi bank

Along with adding interest on Kasichka, we are also increasing the interest rates on our three and six-month deposits in the app (to 1.2% and 1.4% respectively).

Our savings products are free of opening and closing fees and all amounts up to BGN 196 thousand are protected by the Bank Deposit Insurance Fund.

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Kasichka is now yielding 1%
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