We offer up to 3% interest on deposits in our Bulgarian mobile app

Well-known for our market-leading rates for deposits, we now offer to customers the opportunity to to get higher return by saving digitally. Recently we introduced a new saving feature in our mobile app – term deposits in BGN and EUR with maturities between 3 months and 3 years with up to 3% interest. Mobile app users can open a deposit within seconds with minimum amount as low as 1 BGN or EUR. Fast, convenient and safe as funds up to BGN 196 thousand are protected by the Bulgarian Deposit Guarantee Fund. As the other services in the app, there are no fees for opening, maintenance and closing the deposit. The only prerequisite for the depositor is to download the mobile application, open an account in the app and get his neon card as a bonus. 

For savers, who prefer being serviced at bank’s office, we offer up to 2.8% interest rate on deposits in EUR and BGN and as high as 3% for deposits in USD. All conditions on deposits in our bank are available here.

[quoteblock content=”As a customer-focused bank, we constantly improve our saving offers to provide our clients with higher and predictable return in this constantly changing environment. Moreover, by embedding the deposit feature within the tbi bank app, our aim is to provide our customers with further flexibility and improved experience as they can manage their savings from the comfort of their home or from wherever they like. In this context, aiming to introduce to the broad public our newest value propositions, we just started our “Get your money moving“ campaign” author=”Lukas Tursa” author_position=”Executive Director” author_avatar=”https://tbibank.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/lukas-tursa_nobg-1200×1190.png” section_id=””][/quoteblock]

Other savings’ functionalities available exclusively in our app since the beginning of the year are interest on current account of 2.1% for up to BGN 2,000 (and 0.15% for amounts from BGN 2,000 to 196,000) and the virtual piggy bank “Kasichka”, which allows customers to set aside frequently small amount of money to reach different saving goals. 

More and more Bulgarians prefer our bank for their savings – we reported nearly 70% growth in  our depositors’ base in 2022. 

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