We made first quarterly coupon payment for the bond issued at the end of 2023

We paid an interest of nearly half a million BGN (over 230k euros) to investors in the bonds, which we issued in December 2023 in the amount of 10 million euros. This is the first quarterly coupon payment made to our bondholders. 

The bond issue with an annual interest rate of 9.50% matures in September 2026, however, we have the right to redeem bonds one year earlier. 

Due to the trust that investors have in us, we successfully placed two bond issues in 2023, structured to meet the MREL requirements. Both were oversubscribed, showing a high demand from different types of investors – individual professional ones and institutions like pension funds, asset managers, insurance companies, and government-owned entities. 

In 2023, we achieved the highest asset growth (40%) among all the banks in the Bulgarian market and reported a record consolidated net profit of 42.4 million euros. 

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