We added cash withdrawal from shopping limit to our neon card

All of our customers with a neon card can now withdraw cash from their shopping limit (up to 5K BGN). Up until now, customers were able to use such limit only to split the payments of purchases they made over 3 months (for free), or 6 and 12 months (with a small fee). With this new functionality they can withdraw the funds they need at any ATM and use them however they want. 

After withdrawing, the customers can choose to repay the amount next month with no additional cost (up to 50 days interest-free period unlike the usual 30 days by credit cards) or to pay minimum monthly due amount (5% of the total amount) and postpone the rest of the repayment for later (with charge included), depending on their desire and convenience. The withdrawal itself has a fee of 1 BGN + 2% of the full amount, lower than the market average. 

In addition to flexible financing solutions, our neon card also provides customers with a number of free daily banking services, such as: 

  • Current account with no monthly fee 
  • Unlimited free instant transfers in BGN and EUR 
  • Fee-free utility payments 
  • Deposits with the highest interest on the market (up to 3,2%) 
  • Integration in Google Pay and Apple Pay digital wallets 
The option to usе the cash from the shopping limit was one of the most requested functionalities from our customers. We are happy to make it possible and allow them to use the money however they prefer – whether it’s for splitting payments of purchases they made or to withdraw them and use the cash anywhere they decide.
Papuna Magashvili
Chief Product Officer

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