Over 1 million transactions with our neon card for its 1st year on the Bulgarian market

Over 1 million transactions have been made with our neon card in the first year since its launch on the Bulgarian market. The uniqueness of the card is that it combines debit and shopping card functionalities, thus making daily banking & shopping easier and more convenient for customers. 

The neon card, in addition to our app, provides customers with many benefits, including current account with no monthly fee, unlimited free instant payments in BGN and EUR, fee-free utility payments, option to split the payments of purchases with no interest, as well as the highest interest rates for deposits (up to 3,2%) and current account (up to 2,1%). For further convenience, the neon card can also be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallets. 

Because of all these benefits plus the 24/7 in-app chat support, a total of over 100 thousand Bulgarians already chose neon for their day-to-day banking and shopping needs. The youngest of them is 18 years old and the oldest – 89 years old. 

Most often, neon is used as a debit card to pay for shopping, ranging from daily groceries, travel expenses, clothing, car fueling and entertainment – such as going to the cinema or restaurants. The smallest transaction made with the card amounts to BGN 0.30 for handkerchiefs, and the largest – over BGN 60k for a new car. 

In addition, neon card offers its customers several convenient financing solutions, tailored to their personal needs. 

For small purchases customers can instantly activate the neon card shopping limit (up to BGN 5K), which allows them to buy the things they desire, using our funds and split the payment over 3 months (for free), or 6 and 12 months (with a small fee).  

When it comes to higher expense purchases, for example home renovations or car repairments, customers can benefit from additional financing (for up to BGN 20K). They can apply, sign a contract, and get the money in their account in a minute – fully digitally, 24/7. 

In 2023, our customers received financing at the amount of over BGN 100 million through these flexible financing solutions. 

Another cool feature is “payment holiday” when the customers can put the upcoming installment payment on hold. Already 20K customers have tried this functionality. 

We've loved witnessing the ever-growing interest in neon and tbi bank app over the past 12 months. It's been a year filled with exciting launches of new functionalities, alongside with overcoming a number of challenges as we strive for excellence. In 2024, we're cooking up additional features for even easier and more convenient access to daily banking and shopping as we’ll continue introducing new improvements for our beloved customers every month.
Petr Baron
CEO, tbi fs, Founder-in-Residence

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