Bulgarians now have access to free daily banking via our mobile app and neon card

  • Free BGN and EUR accounts with unlimited transfers 
  • Free neon debit card with no maintenance fees 
  • Free АТМ withdrawals twice per month 
  • Free utility bill payments 
  • 2.1% interest rate earned on money in the current account (up to BGN 2 000) 
  • Option to split purchase in 3 equal interest-free payments 
  • Micro savings via digital piggy bank “Kasichka

We bring the bank into customers’ smartphones through tbi bank app giving them 24/7 access to free daily banking, options for convenient saving and interest-free split payments. 

Free daily banking with no alternative on the Bulgarian market 

By installing our mobile app customers can easily and fully digitally order their new freemium neon debit card, without need of visiting a bank’s office. Free delivery is within 48 hours, regardless of customer’s location across the country. Our new neon VISA debit card has no issuing and maintenance fees. It allows two free ATM withdrawals per calendar month (each up to BGN 800 if the ATM has no other limitation). Moreover, the current account brings monthly earnings of 2.1% for up to BGN 2 000 (and 0.15% for amounts from BGN 2 000 to 196 000). On top of this, we give every new neon cardholder a welcome bonus of BGN 20, loaded in the account just after their first purchase. 

Bank in your phone 

Once the neon card is activated in tbi bank app, customers can pay all their utility bills without extra charges with just one tap. They can also make unlimited number of free transfers in leva and euro to accounts at tbi or other banks in 36 European countries. The transfer could even be done in seconds if the bank of the receiving party supports instant payments. And even more, money can be sent to a friend’s tbi account just by phone number – it’s even faster than digging into a pocket to pull out cash. 

Split purchase in 3 interest-free payments 

Our clients can get a personal shopping limit (based on bank approval) in the app. Once it is approved, the customer is ready to shop at any physical or online store. neon cardholders can get their money back within their shopping limit and split their purchase in 3 equal interest-free payments. If customers want to pay back in smaller payments, they can split the payment in 6 or 12-month instalments with a small fee. These options are available for payments above BGN 40. Money spent is disbursed in customer’s account within seconds through a few taps in the bank app. 

For their bigger needs, our customers can receive 24/7 additional financing in few taps through the bank app. 

Micro saving options in “Kasichka” 

To make customers dream purchase or family holiday one step closer, tbi bank app new feature allows people to set saving goals along with deadlines for reaching them, and frequently set aside small amount of money into a free virtual piggy bank called “Kasichka”. Once the saving goal is achieved, the piggy bank can be easily “broken” through a tap and money be transferred instantly in the neon debit card account. 

[quoteblock content=”To be focused on customer needs is in our DNA and this is what stands at the heart of our products and solutions. We do believe that daily banking should be free. Moreover, as a challenger bank we always strive to bring the latest innovations for our customers to make their life easier and more convenient. This is why, we came up with our unique neon card and bank app, which are here to address Bulgarian daily customers’ needs. We’ll continue to further develop our solutions to make people’s everyday lives easier and to bring them closer to their dreams” author=”Petr Baron” author_position=”CEO of tbi fs, Founder-In-Residence” author_avatar=”https://tbibank.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/PETR-1.png” section_id=””][/quoteblock]

We will add more app functionalities throughout the year for even better customer experience. 

*our app is at download distance HERE 

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